The Benefits and Importance of Buying an Emergency Generator

The Benefits and Importance of Buying an Emergency Generator

With load-shedding and winter bearing down on us, power failures are a possibility, and ever more business and home owners are considering investing in backup power systems that lessen their reliance on the grid. Because buying and a generator can sometimes be a significant capital outlay, many people hesitate to do it. But the reality is that getting a generator is a very smart decision, and one that can save a lot of stress and money even in the short-term.


Power is vital. Everything runs on electricity: most appliances and machinery are electric, as are all computers, and most hot-water geysers, lights, refrigerators, and security systems. Batteries have limited lives, and in times of regular power outages it can be a challenge to get everything charged in time. Then there’s the question of power capacity, and very often it’s necessary to decide which of two much-needed devices gets charged.


This catch-22 situation quickly becomes very inconvenient, and can lead to large revenue losses for businesses. Companies in the food service industry, for example, face losing stock to extended power failures once freezers and cookers shut off, while small manufacturers and service providers effectively have to down tools until the mains power comes back, meaning many lost hours of productivity, lost customers, and reduced output. Domestically, many find that the stress of running a household when it’s going to be difficult to see, cook, heat water or do tasks becomes almost unbearable.


In the longer term, blackouts may lead to lost contracts, damage to equipment, downsizing of staff and plants, and even closure. Both businesses and homeowners find the communication breakdowns and security risks that arise during power failures stressful and challenging to handle.


Generators can drastically cut back on the time and revenue lost to power failures, and definitely lessen the stress that comes with outages. Businesses can opt for a standby generator that is set to turn on automatically when the mains power goes out.  These are well-suited to running whole shops and workshops. Those that cannot ‘go to plan B’ when the power is off may find that installing a standby generator is a necessity if they want to keep smooth operations running. A generator that automatically comes on when the power goes out can save the day, maintaining productivity and morale and making it a smart investment.


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