Did you know these six things about generator maintenance?

Generators are life savers in emergency situations and planned outages alike, but for them to be ready to go when you need them, they need to be kept in good condition – even through long periods of no use.  Doing this is pretty straight forward but knowledge is power!  These six pieces of information will help you keep your generator reliable and primed to run when the grid goes down. Generators need to be serviced at least one a year Much like new shoelaces or spare car keys you might only think about your generator when you need it but it needs to be on your mind much more than that.  Building in a regular maintenance schedule is the best way to do this and it should include both a twice monthly check and an annual service.  The annual service... Read More

How to maintain your generator

Generators are becoming a must have for every home and business owner, especially in these days of load shedding, but they are expensive and because of the size of the investment that a standby generator represents, it’s a really good idea to make sure that whichever generator you choose is properly maintained to maximise its lifespan.  Here we look at four tips on how to make sure you get the most out of your generator. Choose a generator with the right wattage. Generators usually have two wattage capacities: the maximum/starting wattage or the rated/continuous wattage.  The maximum/starting wattage that the generator can put out for a few seconds during start up – it cannot run at maximum wattage for long before burning out.  Choose a generator... Read More

The Benefits and Importance of Buying an Emergency Generator

With load-shedding and winter bearing down on us, power failures are a possibility, and ever more business and home owners are considering investing in backup power systems that lessen their reliance on the grid. Because buying and a generator can sometimes be a significant capital outlay, many people hesitate to do it. But the reality is that getting a generator is a very smart decision, and one that can save a lot of stress and money even in the short-term.   Power is vital. Everything runs on electricity: most appliances and machinery are electric, as are all computers, and most hot-water geysers, lights, refrigerators, and security systems. Batteries have limited lives, and in times of regular power outages it can be a challenge to get everything charged in time. Then... Read More

Tips on buying the right generator for your needs

Whether it’s for a job site, your home or your business, a generator is a solid investment, but there are many generators on the market and knowing which one to buy can be confusing.  Here we will look at four ways to make sure you end up with the best generator for your needs.   Calculate the size you need: This is the first thing you need to know: How much power are you going to need to run whatever you might need while the power is out.  One way to do this is to have a qualified electrician run a load test or to speak to an expert at a generator company, but basically, to calculate the size of generator you need to calculate the combined running wattage of all the appliances you want to run and then check what the starting wattages of these items... Read More

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